Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Smell of Rain . . . .

I am an awful blogger, I know.  I guess I just haven't yet gotten the hang of blogging a couple times a week or more, yet.  Not that I don't want to!

Well, on to more pleasant topics. :-)  The Smell of Rain. Yes, that is a pleasant topic. When it smells earthy, almost so real you could touch it.  I love the smell of rain.  I'm smelling it right now, though my nose is still stuffed up from a dreadful head cold!  It started with a cool, refreshing breeze blowing about outside this morning. And now, it's raining outside.  Rather heavily, in fact.  I can hear the symphony inside, as I type this.  Beautiful.  One of the prettiest and most fragrant symphonies ever.  I love it! Can you tell?

Do you like rain?  Or sunny skies?  Cool weather?  Or warm?  Have a lovely day, rain or shine!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What to do when life gets you down

What to do when life gets you down???

Everyone, at some point in their life, will hit a "low."  They will face a situation, a person, or a weakness that seems unmanageable and yes -- even hopeless -- and will be forced to make the choice to keep on keeping on, or to give up.

Now, I think, in our heart of hearts, we ALL want to succeed.  I've yet to meet a person who wakes up and starts their day with the thought, "Today I will face an insurmountable problem and I will FAIL.  I determine NOT to keep on keeping on, instead, I will give up!"  Sure, some folks choose to see the glass half empty rather than half full. But the "lows" in life seem to be much stronger than the usual dose of pessimism.

So, my question is, how does one successfully deal when life gets one down?  Here are a few things I've been contemplating as of late that either 1) have helped me cope in the past or 2) have been on my list of things to fall back on to help me cope and come out okay on the other side of any future lows.

1) Music. It seems there is nothing in this world quite like music.  It has the power to heal, to tear down or anger, to rile up, to sadden, to gladden, to invigorate, to relax, all under one heading: MUSIC.  It is truly its one language, and a fine, intricate language at that.  I can't count how many times in my life music helped me through a rough spot!

2) Exercise. Be it walking, basketball, tennis or bicycling or something unique like Zumba or ballroom dancing, exercise has been studied over and over for its benefits and stress relief and the energy to cope successfully are definitely a couple of them!  When you exercise, your body releases "feel-good hormones" that can lift your mood, clear your mind, and let's face it -- make you feel better about you and your self-image because you KNOW you're doing something to give back to that body you work so hard!  I still use exercise as much as I possibly can schedule in, because I have found there is nothing like it. So, get going and find yourself some physical activity that brings you up! Get out there and move! :) 

3) Journalling.  Some folks cower at the word.  But truthfully, this has been one standby that I've used since before I even reached the middle-school years.  There is something innately therapeutic about writing out your thoughts, uninhibited (under the rightful assumption that NO ONE but you will read those thoughts), on a piece of paper. For me, it seems to lift a weight off my shoulders, most of all, in times of stress. But I journal in good times, too.  I like to look back at the record of my life, and seeing the good things I've experienced and choosing to be grateful for those, helps me to keep an optimistic, thankful attitude!  Regardless, journalling can be super therapeutic. If this means you want to type it out instead, go right ahead.  For me, there is just something tactile and comforting about actually, physically writing.

4) Time spent with others.  When I say others, I don't mean the co-worker who drives you batty no matter how many times you smile and try to be on your best behavior, or the family member you are sure was given to you to develop that wonderful virtue, patience.  There is a time and a place for working hard to "win people over."  I'm referring to time spent with people who care about you, and people you enjoy being around.  Spending time around folks who share mutual respect, friendship, interests, even values can be so therapeutic, so encouraging, so enlightening.  And let's face it: don't you just love the satisfaction of a great, full belly laugh shared with another person?  It's so much more fun to laugh and enjoy yourself in the company of another person!

The list could go on . . . . but this is already a mega-post I think! So, I will stop here.  It has been fun.  Fun sharing.  And I hope my little list of coping strategies that I have utilized and will utilize again to successfully come out on the other side of "awful" will help you somehow! Have a great day!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

I have been away for far too long . . . long post to follow!

Hello dear friends,

I find it is time again for me to post . . . . something.  It seems ironic to me that the times I feel most inspired are also (more often than I'd like) the times when I am not able to share my inspiration, whether because of time constraints, or other responsibilities.  So I'm attempting a few moments here to catch and gather my thoughts again and see how I can share them.  If I ramble some, please forgive me and know I'm happy to be back here!

I've been reading the posts of a couple of very, very good friends of mine.  They inspire me to think more than most of us tend to think -- I think.  That was way too many thinks!  Anyhow, more deeply I should say.  I have always enjoyed thinking deeply . . . . "profoundly."  It's too much for some, I've gathered, through conversations in which I confess that I think "a lot" and "intensely" and they confess that they prefer not to think so much or so intensely.  I don't mind their choice to think less, so long as it doesn't hurt them or endanger anyone else. But I'm not even referring to thinking as a means of protection, or of "common sense."  I'm referring to thinking more as a means to understanding, enlightenment, musing.  I like to think simply to think -- although once in a while, I wish I didn't think so much or so hard.  :)   Part of the package, I suppose.

Anyhow, I was thinking yesterday, yet again, of how life can take such a turn.  For most, a turn for the best is always appreciated.  But sometimes, it seems it takes a turn for the worst.  People lose jobs, lose money, or worst of all, lose someone they love. It is one thing to lose someone you care about or at least, once cared about, through no fault of your own.  Yet some people choose to "lose" a loved one through their own actions, their own spite, their own selfishness, their own greed.  It is entirely possible to "lose" a person through means beside the death of the natural body.  You can lose a person by choosing your own way all the time, by treating them in a rude and inconsiderate manner, by neglecting them, or even, most simply and yet profoundly, by never admitting you could be wrong, never saying "I'm sorry."  I think it's a fact we all have been wrong at least once in our lifetime.  I know I have been. And I've been at fault for not seeing the light and apologizing promptly and authentically.

But would I want to lose someone I love simply through pride and stubborness? Absolutely not.  I seek every day to look inwardly, and to check the state of my heart and my attitude.  Some days I feel I make leaps and bounds toward positive growth and positive state of mind, heart, and attitude.  Some days, I feel like a rotten scoundrel that doesn't deserve to be loved.  It's on those days that I have to gently and yet firmly remind myself, the truth is, not one person "deserves" to be loved. We have all trespassed against each other and, I believe, against God. If we were to love anyone -- including our own selves -- based upon how "good" or how "just" or how "compliant to man's rules" one is -- we would all sink before we'd swim. It's a fact.

All to say, next time someone does you wrong, speaks ill of you, offends you, neglects you, or outright abandons or betrays you  . . . . hard as it is (and yes, it is VERY VERY hard), try to remember that you were once -- or will at sometime in your life be -- that same person. The one who didn't apologize, didn't forgive, didn't put themselves in the others' place, abandoned or betrayed the one who loved them so.  And do all you can to forgive them. Forgive, yes forgive, even your own self. Learn and move on. Because forgiveness, my friends, albeit the most difficult thing to do sometimes, is the key to true healing.  If you forgive, somehow, almost magically I suppose, the power of evil to control you or to harm you is suddenly deflected.  You may still experience hurt at times.  But you will not be controlled by those who harm you -- intentionally and unintentionally.  And you will be free.

Have a blessed day!

Monday, July 26, 2010

What to say?

I'm sure none of you ever face this impasse . . . . but once in a rare while, I actually don't know what to say.  I don't simply mean what to say verbally, but what to say here.  What if my life seems too ordinary to write about sometimes?  Or perhaps I've got it all wrong.  It seems people nowadays like to read the everyday posted by folks on blogs, or social networks.  Perhaps everyday is safe and comforting like a glass of cold milk and chocolate chip cookies warm out of the oven! 

So, my "everyday" this past weekend consisted of some pleasant activities and some considered rather mundane. Mundane included cleaning the bathroom. Vacuuming. Mopping. You know the routine.  It's a necessary evil. (haha)  I also did some very yummy cooking, but that isn't always so mundane.  I enjoy cooking.  Sometimes, I just get tired of the fact that humans have to eat SO often!! LOL

The pleasant included playing with my adorable pets, watching a couple good movies and t.v. episodes, playing Scrabble TWICE (bwahaha I LOVE Scrabble and I really enjoy winning!!), going to the mall, running errands that needed to be run, and just spending some time relaxing with a very special person.  :-)

How was your weekend?  Was it all "everyday"?  Or was it pleasant, memorable, and otherwise GREAT? 

Friday, July 23, 2010

Music - Therapy for the Soul

I suppose it's a given that practically EVERYONE loves music, in one genre or another.  Do you?

As for myself, I have loved music ever since I can remember.  I was virtually raised on classical music.  It is still one of my primary loves. However, since I've had a taste of other genres, my pallete has become decidedly more eclectic, even while it's selective. Some other genres I typically enjoy include Celtic music, pop, most jazz, some folk and bluegrass, and a great deal of instrumental. I even enjoy some rock, albeit soft rock more often than not.  Contemporary Christian and some rather "independent" and unique styles also factor in there.

My Ipod is a conglomeration of many genres.  You can find everything from Canon in D (workout version haha) to Michael Buble to Dido to Jonathan Diaz to Kris Allen.  My Itunes is even more of a mix!  But I love it.  Because I just never know exactly what "musical mood" I will find myself in, until I'm about ready to work out and have the accompanying music, or cook and have the music, or clean and have the music, or just RELAX with music! 

What about you?  Do you love music, too?  What do you like most about it?  Its ability to soothe your soul, or reve you up, or keep you going on the treadmill when you feel your legs are jello?  :-)  I love all these aspects of music. It truly is a language in and of itself. A beautiful language, at that!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

It's only been FOREVER :-)

Hello friends!

You probably thought I just up and disappeared from the blogging world. Well, I have news for you that I hope you consider GOOD news . . . WRONG!  I did disappear for a little while, but I am BACK!  I may not be able to blog as often as I'd like to, but hey, better late and little than never and nothing! :-)

So, we are in the dead-heat of summer. And I don't like it. I admit. About the only things I like about summer are these I can count on one hand: swimming, Independence Day, and (usually) a break from school!  But, I'm hoping that summer will not be too treacherous and that autumn will roll around before we know it . . . .because autumn is my favorite time of year followed by spring!

I have been busy with "life" in general.  So many changes, so little time.  Some good, some bad. But overall, I still try to maintain a positive attitude and count my blessings.  I am going to the gym. That's a positive.  I am testing new recipes (I like to cook and bake, I don't love the cleaning-up part, but it's ok, it's life!) and mostly all of them are super yummy.  That's a positive.  I am reading good books.  That's definitely a positive. (maybe I should post a couple informal but fun reviews of the books I've read on here sometime?)  I'm enriching friendships and relationships with those people I can get to know better, and with whom I can share this journey called life. That's a major positive!

What have you been up to?  Are you counting the positives in your life?  I know sometimes, it's hard to do.  I've been there a lot.  Especially recently.  But I've found that counting the little blessings, and the bigger ones, helps me to keep a proper perspective.  It helps me face each day and end each day with a little song of hope in my heart.  To keep on keeping on.  And I think we could all use that hope and endurance at one point or another!

Hoping you find your life FULL of positives!!!!!   :-)  Talk to you later! 

Monday, April 19, 2010

End of a Long Day

One of the things I find I'm most grateful for at the end of a long day (or even a short one, lol) is a hot bath or shower.  Who doesn't feel like new afterward? Can you tell I relaxed tonight? haha  Seriously though, thank God for water!! And HOT water!  I do believe water, followed by sun, are my two favorite elements. I'm a water baby, always have been, likely always will be. Put me near a brook, a fountain, a stream, a river, a lake, the ocean or even a tub full of water and I suddenly feel serene and content. I even LOVE having a GLASS full of water!! Can we say hydrophillic?!?!?  ;-)

Speaking of water, a friend of mine recently told me they're going on vacation to the seaside. Jealous? You betcha! Although in a nice, friendly, I'm-covetous-of-you-because-I-wanna-be-there-too sort of way. I haven't even SEEN any ocean in 3 years now! WAY too long. Especially for a hydrophillic. Anyhow, I am delighted for them, I just wish I could tag along for at least a few days. Ah well, my time will come again. And I know I will be one HAPPY camper!

Do you enjoy water? What is your favorite aspect of it? The color? The transparency? (funny how water can be both of these at once!) The fact that everything depends upon it to live? The sound of water? The feel of it enveloping you or washing against your feet at the shore? What ISN'T there to love about water??


The Water Baby 

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I Love Walking!

Do you?  Yesterday, over my lunch break, I took a walk. Albeit a brief walk, because all I had on were flip-flops and heaven knows they are not exactly heavy-duty walking footwear! LOL Comfy, but NOT sneakers.

Anyhow, on a tangent there. The weather was GORGEOUS yesterday, not too hot and definitely not too cold. And in the shade, JUST RIGHT. Sounding like Goldilocks and the Three Bears, huh?  Couldn't resist!

So, I took a nice stroll about 2 blocks from work and paused under the beautiful, tall, stately oak trees that are just starting to leaf out. And I stared up at those trees and wondered how in the WORLD they were capable of dropping such an outrageous TON of pollen "bundles" . . . . . . and I mean a TON. So much, the entire ground beneath these trees was literally carpeted in little pollen bundles. But, I have to give the trees some credit here. . .  they truly are lovely and so tall and give such wonderful shade once they are leafed out. And though the leaves are the size of squirrel ears (who really can determine that, by the way?) -- which is a sure sign spring has officially begun! -- they are still brilliant green leaves. :-)  And I was still one happy, temperate chick.  And if I had lived abou 50 years go, I would have been a bonified tree-hugging flowerchild.  hahaha  Well, maybe not THAT much of a hippie!

What do you like about spring?  And do you love trees? Or taking walks, leisurely or brisk?  I'd love to hear!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Okay, so time flies . . .

And thus, as I think I mentioned only yesterday, I don't get everything done on my "to-do" lists all the time.  More often than not, I get about half or 2/3 completed. But, I keep working on it! Only got ONE bill paid and mailed out yesterday . . . .  and the others I MUST look over tonight! It's so easy to forget bills, out of sight and out of mind.  But I always remember and pay, somehow. LOL

So, I've been attempting to add some interest to my spring wardrobe. I didn't have much of a wardrobe to begin with, but I've hit up several sales in the last couple of months as my income allowed, and now have several cute tops, and adorable skirt or two and two sweet dresses. Can you tell I'm pleased?!?  heehee  At any rate, what I would TRULY like would be to lose some weight so I can feel more confident in my new clothes and better yet . . . have a viable excuse to buy a few more that are smaller!!! :)  Specifically, dresses and skirts. And maybe one cute pair of nice slacks.

Dreaming . . . . . and slowly working back into taking a walk everyday if possible, even if it's a shorter one while my foot recovers from whatever I did to hurt it so badly! :-T

Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring . . . . . . . is . . . here . . . . but it's almost like summer!

I have such a long to-do list. Anyone else feel my pain? Wow. I try to stay consistent on working away at it, and yet, somehow, it never seems to truly shrink. What's up with that? So, on my list of to-dos tonight are basic things, including paying bills and a credit card balance and taking a much-needed and greatly desired walk with Joe, and also eating supper (my favorite part beside the walk, I believe!).  And the beat goes on . . .

Friday, April 9, 2010

Do You Want to Be My Neighbor?

Hey ya'll!

I am trying to "get out there" in the world of bloggers and blog-readers/commentors.  I would like to know that what I have to share is helping some other people out there! So please, if you ever feel like sharing about anything I've written or a tangent off what I have written, feel free to do so! I would be THRILLED to hear from you!

For the past year or more, I have enjoyed reading a few sites created and maintained by friends of mine. And I can see a great future for this blog as I'm able to share fun times, thoughts and information from my heart! But this blog will never be as interesting or entertaining by myself as it will with your input!! 

By the way . . . Happy Spring! Yes, I know I said that in an earlier blog. But where I live, the weather took a sudden turn and dumped an unusual spring snow on us that I do believe took us all by surprise! Beautiful, but unexpected! So NOW I can say it is officially "spring" and this is one happy chick!  I LOVE this pleasantly warm weather, and sunny skies. The only part I could do without is the POLLEN . . . . seriously! Everyone I know is suffering in one form or another from that thick, ever-present coat of aggravating yellow used to procreate trees of various sorts all over my town and state. Minus the pollen, this time of year ROCKS!

I will update you on my life and the goings-on soon enough . . .. for now, I bid you adieu and HAPPY SPRING!!!!! :) 

Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring is Here

Hello friends,

Well, spring is officially here. We've had a few days with weather that would say otherwise, but for the most part, I do believe March has fulfilled it's reputation for being windy and even rainy with a few pleasant, warmer days sprinkled here and there.

I am glad it's spring. I'm also glad it's almost Easter. Both of these remind me that there is room to grow . . . . that regeneration and rebirth are possible . . . that happiness is still within my grasp.

Life has been rough for me as of late in sooooo many ways. And yet, I keep hanging on. I get by with a little help from my friends . . . and faith. And I know things will turn out okay in the end. I just hope and pray that the good will start soon!!

Happy Spring!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sometimes Words Just Don't Cut It

Wow.....the last month or more has been just insane. I cannot even find the words to express it all.........words just don't cut it!

What do you say when almost your entire life falls in shambles around you and after a month has passed, your are still as bewildered as ever? As hurt as ever? As stunned as ever? What do you say????? Apparently, nothing. That's about where I have been for the past month or more. Speechless. And not in a nice, I'm-inspired-by-you way.

Yet, I find that some things remain the same. So few that they are almost overlooked entirely in this chaos......and yet they are what I cling to with do-it-or-die tenacity. With determination. And there is even a small spark of hope in there that I'm working to keep alive and growing!

Soon, I will be posting lovely things again. Encouraging. Inspiring. Exhortational. Exercise boot-campish. For now, it's about survival. About starting all over again. About rising up stronger than before from the ashes of all that suddenly was set aflame around me.

Hope anyone who reads this DOES take some hope with them....that when you have hit the bottom, the ONLY way to go is UP. . . . . . . . . .

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Another Loop . . . and another . . . and another . . . .

So, I just realized with an unhappy shock, that I haven't even been ON here since February 1st! How SAD is that? And yet, I have just as many excuses for it if not more than the average girl.

Life has thrown me for MANY loops in the last couple weeks, especially . . . and my exercise goals/bootcamp in the meantime have nearly gone completely down the drain. HOWEVER I DO plan on getting back into the groove a.s.a.p. . . . soon as I can get some of my life together that is all falling apart at present. And you know what's absurd? It has NOTHING to do with ME disrupting it! I was trying to do everything as well as I possibly could. So I have a clean conscience in that department.

Does a clean conscience always make it all better? Absolutely NOT. But it sure does help me sleep at night . . . .I just need MORE sleep than I'm getting while going through stress and a tumultuous period.

Anyhow, I KNOW in my heart of hearts all will be well eventually . . . and I pray, sooner than later! And I will be happy to get back on here and cheer myself on for exercising and getting my life together in various areas!!! Talk to you all later!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Sometimes people fight

Sometimes people just fight for no apparent reason. Or at least, not a GOOD apparent reason. Like tonight. My immediate family had an argument. I wasn't part of it, but it still had the potential to hurt me if I let it and also to raise stress levels to yet another high.

But I chose to try to stay as calm as possible. I chose to use my hospitality. I attempted to not say anymore than I absolutely had to, and to try to choose my words carefully. Not to imply that I'm better than everyone else -- I am the first to admit, it's not usually that way. But I can be happy for those times when I don't completely blow it.

Still, people fight. We fight. And most of the time, it's about stuff that really doesn't matter. In the long run, it's relevance is nil. Yeah. And it stinks. Big time. Too bad we waste so much energy, so much adrenaline, so much anger and pain and words better left unspoken and even better never thought . . . . to have strife. It really does STINK. I pray that I will see more of this side of it, so next time I'm the party about to be offended or already offended, I will perhaps reflect and try to be the peacemaker instead. I will need help to do that. But I sincerely want to!

May your week ahead be one of peace . . . . one in which you may practice loving not just saying you love someone. Actions speak louder than words (although words can cut you down).

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Life Throws You for a Loop then Brings You 'Round Again

Last time I came on here, I was having a less than wonderful weekend in many respects. I was frustrated with how people I love were treating me, and how I was forced to respond (or not) to them. And honestly, some of those areas are still sensitive and need some work and TLC. But at least, the couple of them who chose to not be on speaking terms with me were again starting a couple days ago. Good thing!

Also, I haven't worked out as much in the time between last Saturday and now. However, that was not all a choice because I had appointments and other things to attend to. I did get a great workout in on Sunday, for about 1 hour and 45 minutes. Then an hour on Tuesday. And I'm considering going to the gym for a while this afternoon, if I can fit it in between a couple of errands I really need to run. I would like the chance to work out stress and all the bad stuff that accompanies negative stress . . . . and to just have time to "myself" to think and exercise at once.

Still, I am working very hard on keeping my self-discipline up and keeping myself in my very own bootcamp. I need to stick with the working out. And the self-improvement. And I want to! Really!!! I want everything in my life to improve . . . . everything. And I'm willing to do what I have to in order to make that happen . . . .even when it means more pain.

So, hope you all are doing great out there in cyberspace! If you ever feel like leaving a comment to tell me you've been in my situation or you just want to encourage me or something, please do so!!

Have a great weekend if I don't get to drop in here again between now and then . . . .

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sometimes Life Throws You for a Loop . . . .

Hello fellow bloggers and blog-followers! Okay, forgive me if I'm totally "out-there" in how I write or salute anyone who just might dare to read this blog someday.....you must understand, I am VERY new at this. LOL

So, in the past week I've had my share of challenges, confusion, heartache, frustration, pain, and even some depression. Am I writing this to make you feel sorry for me? That could be part of it. Most of us savor sympathy. Hey, it pays to be honest, right? Although I must say, often times, honesty really hurts.

Anyhow, like I said, the past week has been filled with trials. Some new. Right now, while I'm very happy with where I am in my fitness/exercise goals (I'm still working on bettering my diet but the time at the gym is above par!), I am not so thrilled with where I find myself in a couple other areas. I say "find" myself, because honestly, I don't know exactly how I got there. And I don't think a lot of it's fair. And I don't think people I love should try to "manipulate" me or my feelings/responses/behavior by treating me in a not-so-loving-fashion. Life's not fair. I know. How many times has that been proffered to me and COMPLETELY set me off?

Here's how it stands right now . . . . I am doing great in my time spent alone (time reading, pausing to think and be quiet), time spent working out, time talking and trying to reconnect with a couple of girl friends and I tried to reconnect with my family . . . . and guess what. It's NOT working. The only thing I can ascertain (because at this moment one for sure and perhaps two of them are just NOT on speaking terms with me, their choice) is that they finally decided they were "fed up" with me for whatever various reasons they may have, and so now they are attempting (whether or not they even realize they are doing this is a moot point) to manipulate me into crawling my way back into their lives and their good favor or something like that. And I'm just not willing to do that when I've repeatedly stated the truth about myself, my actions, my words, my intentions and I've even apologized and said I was/am working on actively doing better in all areas of my life. Because why should I have to crawl along like some lowly snake in the grass? That's not fair to me. And it's not healthy for our relationship(s).

Has anyone been here before? Surely others have. I haven't faced it in this severity or manner before in my life from those I love most. And what really stings, is that I am pretty much in the dark for their reasoning behind treating me like this so severely, unkindly, and inconsiderately. Seriously!!! I honestly am not sure what to do beside whatever I have been doing and am doing now . . . . spending time alone, reading and writing out my thoughts/anxieties/hurts through journalling, working out to relieve stress and increase feel-good hormones, working on my areas I was working on before, trying to get into contact with a good friend or two that I can simply talk with in the absence of the fear of "saying the wrong thing" or "being my usual awful self" that everyone seems to think I am right now . . . . and just not saying anything to those who are choosing to shut me out and not communicate. Because I've tried communicating in a humble, honest, vulnerable and kind way and they shunned me. I honestly don't know what else I can do beside just let them go and wait for them to come back around.

This all cuts to the heart of me and that's no exaggeration. It's plain awful. And confusing. I'm just praying things will improve quickly and I will not contribute to the situation worsening and I'm hoping I'll grow somehow through all of this.

Anyway, I vented now. Maybe, if you're in a similar situation or you are going to be in the near future, this post will somehow help you. I hope so. Have a good day . . . . I'm going to try to make mine as good as I can, starting with making it just bearable.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Physical Challenge . . . .

I had a great weekend. I ended up going on a physically challenging, 2+ hour long hike and that was FUN!!! No, really, it was fun. It was also EXHAUSTING. Lol By the time I got to the base of the mountain, my legs and feet and ankles and EVERY other fiber of my being felt so tired!!! And I slept HARD that night. Still felt tired today. hahaha But, I also still went to the gym for more than an hour and 20 minutes of working out!!! I was so happy with myself!!! ;) Spent 35 minutes steadily cycling with a fair amount of resistance, then 10 minutes doing a fast elliptical-relative, and then the rest of the time weight lifting/bench pressing for my upper body and doing I don't even know HOW many sit-ups!!! Yahoo!!!

As I write this, I feel utterly tired with a huge distaste for doing anything that requires standing and using energy . . . . and yet I have lots to do about my place. I already cleaned my shower after getting home, but there are dishes to be loaded into the washer and others to be hand-washed, a soup to cook up (planning on a squash soup) AFTER I have to go down the road to the grocery to get a few missing ingredients (and I SO do not want to have to get out again tonight!!!), and of course, time spent reading something inspirational/spiritual and SLEEP. I totally, absolutely, inarguably need SLEEP . . . . big time!!!! I felt so tired today!!!

Anyhow, just had to post and share that I'm still working on the physical exercise, even on the weekend when one should "take a break," I was out climbing mountains. haha

Hope you are happy with where you are in the progress you're making toward achieving healthy goals and a healthier lifestyle! Talk to you later!! :)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Under Construction . . .

I know. I didn't post every day this past week. I am sorry. I wanted to! I had the best intentions, but I have come to the very realistic realization that I just may not get the time to post each and every day. And you know what, that's all right. Really. I just want to frequent my blog somewhat often, and that should be perfectly fine. After all, I have several areas in my life that are currently under construction, as briefly mentioned in the first post . . . .

One of which is my weight loss goal. Yes, I set a "goal" to lose weight. In pounds. Usually, I used to just tell myself to lose weight, and see the difference in how my clothes fit (or not). And that is still a great way to measure weight loss, in my humble opinion! But, I set an exact "amount" because 10-15 lbs was what my physician suggested I attempt to aim toward losing within the two months of January and February of this year. Yeah. Sound like a lot? It does sometimes to me.

But . . . . *drumroll* last I weighed, it appeared I had LOST 3 lbs already!!! I was (am) sooooooo thrilled!!!!!!!! *somersaults* Except, I can't do somersaults all that well now. haha However, I have been working out at the gym (and I mean working out -- as in personal bootcamp people!! I am SO SORE!!!!!), and I am ecstatic that I held myself to working out EVERY single night since a week ago, with the exception of Saturday. I even took a walk on Sunday, for nearly 35 minutes, so I'm sure that counts as working out. Yahoo!!!!!!! :-D

My other goal is . . . . along the lines of self-improvement in the psychological/mental/spiritual arena. Yes, I have a spirit, and a soul, and emotions, and a psyche. So, I need to improve in those areas. And I'm doing a few things to help myself . . . . one of which is reading larger quantities of inspirational and motivational material. It's great! The other part is, in cooperation with physical exercise, just listening to "me" and my body and "my" needs more than I have for the past 6-9 months or longer . . . . because I was losing "me." And that's not good. It DOES feel great to slowly but surely be getting "me" back!!!

So, that's the latest from this Dove of Snow. Just wanted to drop in and update and say, that whatever you're working on to improve your quality of life or the quality of living for people around you. . . . . kudos to you. Keep up the good work. Don't give up or give in!!!! If I can do this, you can TOO!!!!! :-) Talk to you all later, friends. I'm off to dreamland for the other physical benefit that's supposed to be just as important as exercise, practically . . . SLEEP. zzzzzz's

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Three I's and My First Blog . . . and Post!

So, I don't know where to start with this. Really.

I wanted to start a blog on a sort of "whim," so to speak. I began to think of it in the car on my drive home tonight. Of the changes in my life as of late, of the challenges I'm facing, of how it would be inspirational and motivational to myself to share some of what I'm going through with others. . . . in the hope that what I'm dealing with will somehow assist them.

I want to be completely "anonymous," and yet, I want to be there for someone(s) who is going through the same things I'm going through. Or who could find what I would want to blog about at least moderately interesting, perhaps peppering in a little insightfulness and inspiration along the way . . . .

There you have it. The Three I's. Not what you expected when you read the label for this post, right? Well, I didn't expect it either, honestly. I'm a writer by nature. But in all honesty, I think I can place myself amongst the majority of real writers who would tell you . . . you don't write the stories. You don't write the poems. They write themselves. Sound spooky? Well, fact is stranger than fiction, of that I'm sure. And my life is a fact. And there are elements in my life that I would consider "stranger" than most fiction I've yet read . . . although I don't want to imply it's all "bad." Because this young lady is grateful for all the good she has in her life . . .

She's just struggling with some areas that currently aren't so good. That are being evaluated by herself and sometimes, it hurts. She needs someone to listen to her and someone she can share with. And she's writing all of this in third person. Hmmm.

Signing off for now, this girl is just a tad tired and a tad off! But terribly excited about starting her very own, FIRST blog!!!! yippeeeee!!!!!!! :)