Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring is Here

Hello friends,

Well, spring is officially here. We've had a few days with weather that would say otherwise, but for the most part, I do believe March has fulfilled it's reputation for being windy and even rainy with a few pleasant, warmer days sprinkled here and there.

I am glad it's spring. I'm also glad it's almost Easter. Both of these remind me that there is room to grow . . . . that regeneration and rebirth are possible . . . that happiness is still within my grasp.

Life has been rough for me as of late in sooooo many ways. And yet, I keep hanging on. I get by with a little help from my friends . . . and faith. And I know things will turn out okay in the end. I just hope and pray that the good will start soon!!

Happy Spring!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sometimes Words Just Don't Cut It

Wow.....the last month or more has been just insane. I cannot even find the words to express it all.........words just don't cut it!

What do you say when almost your entire life falls in shambles around you and after a month has passed, your are still as bewildered as ever? As hurt as ever? As stunned as ever? What do you say????? Apparently, nothing. That's about where I have been for the past month or more. Speechless. And not in a nice, I'm-inspired-by-you way.

Yet, I find that some things remain the same. So few that they are almost overlooked entirely in this chaos......and yet they are what I cling to with do-it-or-die tenacity. With determination. And there is even a small spark of hope in there that I'm working to keep alive and growing!

Soon, I will be posting lovely things again. Encouraging. Inspiring. Exhortational. Exercise boot-campish. For now, it's about survival. About starting all over again. About rising up stronger than before from the ashes of all that suddenly was set aflame around me.

Hope anyone who reads this DOES take some hope with them....that when you have hit the bottom, the ONLY way to go is UP. . . . . . . . . .