Thursday, January 14, 2010

Under Construction . . .

I know. I didn't post every day this past week. I am sorry. I wanted to! I had the best intentions, but I have come to the very realistic realization that I just may not get the time to post each and every day. And you know what, that's all right. Really. I just want to frequent my blog somewhat often, and that should be perfectly fine. After all, I have several areas in my life that are currently under construction, as briefly mentioned in the first post . . . .

One of which is my weight loss goal. Yes, I set a "goal" to lose weight. In pounds. Usually, I used to just tell myself to lose weight, and see the difference in how my clothes fit (or not). And that is still a great way to measure weight loss, in my humble opinion! But, I set an exact "amount" because 10-15 lbs was what my physician suggested I attempt to aim toward losing within the two months of January and February of this year. Yeah. Sound like a lot? It does sometimes to me.

But . . . . *drumroll* last I weighed, it appeared I had LOST 3 lbs already!!! I was (am) sooooooo thrilled!!!!!!!! *somersaults* Except, I can't do somersaults all that well now. haha However, I have been working out at the gym (and I mean working out -- as in personal bootcamp people!! I am SO SORE!!!!!), and I am ecstatic that I held myself to working out EVERY single night since a week ago, with the exception of Saturday. I even took a walk on Sunday, for nearly 35 minutes, so I'm sure that counts as working out. Yahoo!!!!!!! :-D

My other goal is . . . . along the lines of self-improvement in the psychological/mental/spiritual arena. Yes, I have a spirit, and a soul, and emotions, and a psyche. So, I need to improve in those areas. And I'm doing a few things to help myself . . . . one of which is reading larger quantities of inspirational and motivational material. It's great! The other part is, in cooperation with physical exercise, just listening to "me" and my body and "my" needs more than I have for the past 6-9 months or longer . . . . because I was losing "me." And that's not good. It DOES feel great to slowly but surely be getting "me" back!!!

So, that's the latest from this Dove of Snow. Just wanted to drop in and update and say, that whatever you're working on to improve your quality of life or the quality of living for people around you. . . . . kudos to you. Keep up the good work. Don't give up or give in!!!! If I can do this, you can TOO!!!!! :-) Talk to you all later, friends. I'm off to dreamland for the other physical benefit that's supposed to be just as important as exercise, practically . . . SLEEP. zzzzzz's

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