Thursday, January 28, 2010

Life Throws You for a Loop then Brings You 'Round Again

Last time I came on here, I was having a less than wonderful weekend in many respects. I was frustrated with how people I love were treating me, and how I was forced to respond (or not) to them. And honestly, some of those areas are still sensitive and need some work and TLC. But at least, the couple of them who chose to not be on speaking terms with me were again starting a couple days ago. Good thing!

Also, I haven't worked out as much in the time between last Saturday and now. However, that was not all a choice because I had appointments and other things to attend to. I did get a great workout in on Sunday, for about 1 hour and 45 minutes. Then an hour on Tuesday. And I'm considering going to the gym for a while this afternoon, if I can fit it in between a couple of errands I really need to run. I would like the chance to work out stress and all the bad stuff that accompanies negative stress . . . . and to just have time to "myself" to think and exercise at once.

Still, I am working very hard on keeping my self-discipline up and keeping myself in my very own bootcamp. I need to stick with the working out. And the self-improvement. And I want to! Really!!! I want everything in my life to improve . . . . everything. And I'm willing to do what I have to in order to make that happen . . . .even when it means more pain.

So, hope you all are doing great out there in cyberspace! If you ever feel like leaving a comment to tell me you've been in my situation or you just want to encourage me or something, please do so!!

Have a great weekend if I don't get to drop in here again between now and then . . . .

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