Friday, April 9, 2010

Do You Want to Be My Neighbor?

Hey ya'll!

I am trying to "get out there" in the world of bloggers and blog-readers/commentors.  I would like to know that what I have to share is helping some other people out there! So please, if you ever feel like sharing about anything I've written or a tangent off what I have written, feel free to do so! I would be THRILLED to hear from you!

For the past year or more, I have enjoyed reading a few sites created and maintained by friends of mine. And I can see a great future for this blog as I'm able to share fun times, thoughts and information from my heart! But this blog will never be as interesting or entertaining by myself as it will with your input!! 

By the way . . . Happy Spring! Yes, I know I said that in an earlier blog. But where I live, the weather took a sudden turn and dumped an unusual spring snow on us that I do believe took us all by surprise! Beautiful, but unexpected! So NOW I can say it is officially "spring" and this is one happy chick!  I LOVE this pleasantly warm weather, and sunny skies. The only part I could do without is the POLLEN . . . . seriously! Everyone I know is suffering in one form or another from that thick, ever-present coat of aggravating yellow used to procreate trees of various sorts all over my town and state. Minus the pollen, this time of year ROCKS!

I will update you on my life and the goings-on soon enough . . .. for now, I bid you adieu and HAPPY SPRING!!!!! :) 

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