Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Another Loop . . . and another . . . and another . . . .

So, I just realized with an unhappy shock, that I haven't even been ON here since February 1st! How SAD is that? And yet, I have just as many excuses for it if not more than the average girl.

Life has thrown me for MANY loops in the last couple weeks, especially . . . and my exercise goals/bootcamp in the meantime have nearly gone completely down the drain. HOWEVER I DO plan on getting back into the groove a.s.a.p. . . . soon as I can get some of my life together that is all falling apart at present. And you know what's absurd? It has NOTHING to do with ME disrupting it! I was trying to do everything as well as I possibly could. So I have a clean conscience in that department.

Does a clean conscience always make it all better? Absolutely NOT. But it sure does help me sleep at night . . . .I just need MORE sleep than I'm getting while going through stress and a tumultuous period.

Anyhow, I KNOW in my heart of hearts all will be well eventually . . . and I pray, sooner than later! And I will be happy to get back on here and cheer myself on for exercising and getting my life together in various areas!!! Talk to you all later!

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