Thursday, August 25, 2011

There's New Post and Info on My Quilt Site!

Hello All!
Just a heads-up that I made a post with some details about what all I am able to offer as far as quilts, blankets and x-large receiving blankets go!  I don't only design and create baby and toddler quilts, I can take orders for larger quilts but they are first-come-first-serve so please, don't hesitate to contact me if interested! There are a lot more details at my quilt site, so go to a{R}tisan Quilts!


  1. I really love your quilts :)
    When I need one, I know where to find you! (do you also send to Europe??)

  2. i've visited your quilt site and it's soooo cute! maybe one day when i can do more than window shop... ; )

  3. @Evelien: thank you very much! I really don't have a lot of photos up, yet, but more will come soon so that folks can have a good idea of what I am capable of. I have done well quilting and making blankets before, so I anticipate a good future!

    And yes, I could ship to Europe. The shipping costs, regardless of where I ship, have to be covered by the customer, but it can definitely be arranged and we could find out how much it costs to ship for you! So please, let me know if you decide you ever want a lap quilt, wall hanging, baby quilt, toddler quilt or xl receiving blankets, etc! :) Thanks!

    @Carissa: Thank you for visiting! I am glad you think it's cute. I rather like it myself. Yes, please keep me in mind both while you window shop and when you "really" shop! And if you know of anyone who could possibly want to have an xl receiving blanket or a quilt of various sizes made, please refer to me! :)