Monday, January 18, 2010

Physical Challenge . . . .

I had a great weekend. I ended up going on a physically challenging, 2+ hour long hike and that was FUN!!! No, really, it was fun. It was also EXHAUSTING. Lol By the time I got to the base of the mountain, my legs and feet and ankles and EVERY other fiber of my being felt so tired!!! And I slept HARD that night. Still felt tired today. hahaha But, I also still went to the gym for more than an hour and 20 minutes of working out!!! I was so happy with myself!!! ;) Spent 35 minutes steadily cycling with a fair amount of resistance, then 10 minutes doing a fast elliptical-relative, and then the rest of the time weight lifting/bench pressing for my upper body and doing I don't even know HOW many sit-ups!!! Yahoo!!!

As I write this, I feel utterly tired with a huge distaste for doing anything that requires standing and using energy . . . . and yet I have lots to do about my place. I already cleaned my shower after getting home, but there are dishes to be loaded into the washer and others to be hand-washed, a soup to cook up (planning on a squash soup) AFTER I have to go down the road to the grocery to get a few missing ingredients (and I SO do not want to have to get out again tonight!!!), and of course, time spent reading something inspirational/spiritual and SLEEP. I totally, absolutely, inarguably need SLEEP . . . . big time!!!! I felt so tired today!!!

Anyhow, just had to post and share that I'm still working on the physical exercise, even on the weekend when one should "take a break," I was out climbing mountains. haha

Hope you are happy with where you are in the progress you're making toward achieving healthy goals and a healthier lifestyle! Talk to you later!! :)

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