Thursday, January 12, 2012

11 Facts About Me! And Check Below in Case You Have Been Tagged!

My dear blogger friend, Evelien from A Glimpse of Me tagged me when she recently made up the list of 11 facts about herself!  So I'm going to attempt it too and at the end will tag 11 people so look for your name to continue this fun post!  :-)  Thanks, Evelien!

So here are the rules of this tag:
1. Post 11 things about yourself on your blog
2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you and create 11 new questions for the
people you tag
3. Choose 11 people to tag and link them on your post
4. Go to your page and tell them you've linked them
NO tag backs! 

11 Things About Me . . . . . 

1. The state wherein I reside is also the place I have lived for the longest time of anywhere, EVER! 
2. I am married to a wonderful man, namely my husband Joe who loves and inspires me.
3. I do not like to say goodbye . . . so I say "see you soon," instead.  
4. I actually like precious gemstones such as ruby, emerald and blue sapphires MORE than diamonds! 
5. I am an avid reader.
6. I like to play Sims 3!  :-) 
7. I have TWO dogs and TWO rabbits for pets!  And, random fact - rabbits have DOUBLE chins! They're just called a "dewlap"!  hahaha 
8. I love Jesus! 
9. I love the color purple almost as much as I do my favorite since I was little, the color blue! 
10. I want to visit Italy someday. 
11. I would be THRILLED to live in San Diego, California or close by! 

Now for the questions Evelien asked me. . . . . 

1. My favorite dessert is a toss-up between Key Lime Pie, Cheesecake and Lemon Cake.  
2. I am a full time graduate student studying to be a counselor (psychologist). 
3. I do have a husband! Married almost two years now! 
4. I celebrated the New Year by watching the ball drop in NYC on t.v. and snuggling with my husband!
5. I live in the Southern USA. 
6. Definitely prefer reading the book 9/10 times!  However, I can also enjoy a good movie! 
7. My favorite room . . . .probably living room. Because I can snuggle on the couch and read or watch tv!
8. I play piano!
9. Oh just one blog for a favorite? That's hard! Well I love LeAnna's blog, ThoughtsnWhatnots.
10. I guess I do like tag-posts! This is my first! 
11. The only thing I might not like about blogging, is when I do NOT blog due to time constraints, or lack of energy or motivation!  :) 

Here are my questions for the folks I will tag:

1. What is your favorite breakfast food?
2. What is your least favorite food? 
3. If you had to pick the worst color you could wear, what would that color be for you?
4. What is your favorite genre in books? 
5. What is your least favorite genre for movies?
6. When was the last time you gave someone a hug?  Who did you give it to?  :-) 
7. When did you last see a sunrise? 
8. Can you say the alphabet backwards?
9. Where do you live? (again, no addresses please!) 
10. Are you married or do you have a special someone? 
11. Do you have any pets or wish that you did? 

Now for the people I am going to tag! 


  1. I loved your answers!! You need to learn me how to make that dessert though hahaha!
    I love rubies!! I wish I had asked for an engagement ring with a ruby... Maybe one day ;)

  2. Oh, how fun! I'll try to do this soon. Also..."I wonder as I wander" was playing as I read...such a beautiful arrangement!

    I'm glad you stopped by my blog today. :)

  3. Ha! Sorry, I'm just now getting this. Our computer had a meltdown, as did I. ;) I'll try to get to this as soon as I can, just not sure when. I loved reading more about you!! Thanks for the tag!

  4. And it is up! :) Thanks again! It was fun. :)

  5. After reading this, I'm in the mood for Key Lime Pie or Lemon Cake, lol! Have you had the lemon ice box pie from Chick-Fil-A? Love that stuff. YUUUUUUM

  6. OH, I enjoyed reading this! I am so behind in my blog reading it's not even funny - thanks for tagging me! I will be doing mine soon. :-)

  7. @Evelien: Which dessert are you referring to? lol I love citrus and I love just about any dessert that contains one or both of these is a favorite with me! :) Rubies are astoundingly beautiful, I agree! They are my birth stone actually. LOL Have a sweet day!

    @Chantel: "I Wonder as I Wander" is a favorite of mine! It is a lovely arrangement, isn't it? :) I am glad you stopped by my blog and commented and that you would do the 11 things tag! Fun to read about you, too! Have a great day!

    @Andie: It's okay! Sorry about the meltdown and glad to hear you're not having one now, it seems! ;) I look forward to reading your 11 things tag post and thanks for enjoying mine! Have a good one!

    @Mrs. Pedersen: I know! Key Lime Pie and Lemon Cake are both amazing. So is the lemon icebox pie I made not too long ago....a Weight Watchers recipe, it was actually VERY good and I think you would have heartily approved of it as well!! haha I haven't tried Chick-Fil-A's icebox pie. I don't know....mine might outdo it in this case, though I humbly say I know there are cooks FAR better than I am!! ;) LOL Have a beautiful day!

    @Callie Nicole: I am glad you enjoyed reading this! I had fun writing it! I look forward to you making your 11 things post since I tagged you! Have a lovely day!