Friday, January 18, 2013

It's . . . Winnie! The Christmas Puppy

Warning: the following post is overflowing with photos! LOL 

Here we go . . . . long awaited and promised snapshots of my Christmas puppy!  Isn't she a doll? :-) 

This top photo was a day or two after I actually got her.  Looking at her now, I can see how much she has grown and matured compared to this pic!  Her little snout has also gotten a bit longer.  But she was (is) sooooo cute! Nine weeks old here. 

Another pic from nine weeks . . . . just hanging out.

I have since discovered that soon as I leave the couch or recliner, if there are any pillows or blankets nearby she will take them over in a matter of seconds! This just happened to be the first time she did and promptly fell asleep in the lap of luxury, around nine weeks old. ;-) 

This was one of those photos where I asked her to pose and held up my camera and she did! She loves posing for her mommy! LOL  Around ten weeks old here. 

 Also around ten weeks old, close to eleven, taking her first big walk around Forest Park in St. Louis, MO when my dear husband (pictured walking her here) and I visited family for my sister in law's graduation from graduate school!  She loved going on the walk and meeting people and dogs!

Here she is wearing her very first sweater, the one I got her for Christmas that soon was too small for her. But she sure looked cute! 

Another posed photo courtesy of Winnie Shih Poo! Isn't that just the cutest teddy bear face ever?!? Around eleven or twelve weeks old here. 

Same day I think as the last one.  She discovered she could jump onto the back of our couch and perch there much more like a cat than a puppy!  She worries me when she does that but there's no stopping her!  She loves to do it every time her daddy gets up to go to another room, watching for his return! ;-) 

"Aren't I cute?!?"  Posing with one of her Christmas presents from her grandma, a stuffed puppy. She's photogenic! LOL About 12 weeks old. 

Another snapshot when I asked her to "sit" and she promptly obliged! She's smart: she learned sit within about 10 minutes of training at only 9 weeks old and learned how to fetch shortly thereafter! About twelve weeks here. 

Her softer side . . . . snuggling contentedly with her mommy. ;-)  I just love that face!  About 12-13 weeks old here. 

And finally, peeking out from under our couch when I called for her! "What?!? Did you find my new secret hiding place already?!?"  hahaha About 13 weeks old here.

- - - - - - - - - - - - 

She is now about 16 weeks old. Time flies! She looks much the same as this last snapshot, except of course matured and a little bigger! She's still my sweet puppy. She learns pretty quickly, now I just need to figure out how to get her to STOP nipping and biting! ;-)  She is mostly black but has 3/4 white tipped paws, and a tiny little white tip to her tail that curls over her back in the cutest fashion, and a bit of white on her throat called "tuxedo" markings! 

Hopefully all the pics added a smile and a bright spot to your day!  It's Friday, so I figured we could start the weekend out right!!  Have a good one, friends! 


  1. Oh WAAAAAUWW!! She is so cute and adorable!!!!
    I'm so jealous!!! In a good way haha :)
    Please keep the updates coming so I can pretend I have a dog through you!
    We've talked it over and Jeff decided that there won't be a puppy for me this year :(
    I still cry when I think of it... No puppy, no baby... Man, he's cruel, isn't he?! ;)

  2. She is just too cute! I love her little teddy bear face. ;-)

  3. Hehe, she is a little cutie. You got some good pictures of her too sweetie!

  4. Oh goodness, your puppy is so cute! I wish I could come over and snuggle her. :-)

  5. @Evelien: Thank you very much! I think she's very cute, though she can also be a stinker LOL! Oh I'm sorry you cannot get a puppy right now. Hopefully someday!

    @Mrs. Pedersen: Thank you! I love her little teddy bear face, too!! heehee

    @Joe: Yes, you are right she is! As you know quite well! Thanks for the compliment on the photos, sweetie.

    @Callie Nicole: Thank you very much! She'd love it if you did snuggle her! Trust me, she's both playful and a snuggle bug! ;-) Thanks for stopping by!