Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Brevity is My Blogging Word . . . Giving Thanks

As you may realize, I am not always one for brevity when it comes to blogging.  I love to write.  Truly, I do!  I also enjoy blogging most of the time.  But lately, my life has been very full and I find blogging lengthy posts is not on the top of my agenda.

Just the same, I love to check in with the blogs I follow and I do enjoy posting and of course, I absolutely am thrilled when any of my friends comment on my blog! Makes my day so much brighter! :)

So, here is my rather brief post today . . .  I am thankful.  Though I face so many challenges now and some days it seems so much harder to forge on through, I am thankful.  Here are some things I can think of that I'm thankful for, even in the face of so much adversity and so many hurdles . . . .

* I am thankful for a God Who never leaves me, never forsakes me, promises His love and guidance and comfort as I keep Him in the forefront of my life, promises to be the strength of my heart when I face physical, emotional and mental challenges as I am so very much right now!

* I am thankful for a dear, sweet man that I love to call my husband, a man who loves me and is gentle with me and shows me patience and kindness, even when I get tired and whine, or when I'm really tired and frustrated, get snippy!

* I am thankful that, even as I face starting physical therapy to help me with basically my entire body and issues with weakness and tension and pain, I do have that option. That I have what seems to be a kind and capable therapist, and that somehow, the money needed to pay for the therapy to help me become strong again will make its way to me!  My God is the God Who provides!  And He can help me gain and keep strength, too, which I need to keep in mind!

* I am thankful for two adorable, frisky little dogs and two sweet, soft, timid but friendly little rabbits, all of which I call my pets and who make me smile every single day!

* I am thankful for a roof over my head that does not leak, running water in hot and cold, good nutritious food, and electricity!

* I am thankful for the ability to get on my blog and write out my thoughts to share, and to be able to read the posts of others who help me know "where it's at"!!

May you find at least as many things to be thankful for today as I do!  Trust me, it helps!