Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Another Loop . . . and another . . . and another . . . .

So, I just realized with an unhappy shock, that I haven't even been ON here since February 1st! How SAD is that? And yet, I have just as many excuses for it if not more than the average girl.

Life has thrown me for MANY loops in the last couple weeks, especially . . . and my exercise goals/bootcamp in the meantime have nearly gone completely down the drain. HOWEVER I DO plan on getting back into the groove a.s.a.p. . . . soon as I can get some of my life together that is all falling apart at present. And you know what's absurd? It has NOTHING to do with ME disrupting it! I was trying to do everything as well as I possibly could. So I have a clean conscience in that department.

Does a clean conscience always make it all better? Absolutely NOT. But it sure does help me sleep at night . . . .I just need MORE sleep than I'm getting while going through stress and a tumultuous period.

Anyhow, I KNOW in my heart of hearts all will be well eventually . . . and I pray, sooner than later! And I will be happy to get back on here and cheer myself on for exercising and getting my life together in various areas!!! Talk to you all later!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Sometimes people fight

Sometimes people just fight for no apparent reason. Or at least, not a GOOD apparent reason. Like tonight. My immediate family had an argument. I wasn't part of it, but it still had the potential to hurt me if I let it and also to raise stress levels to yet another high.

But I chose to try to stay as calm as possible. I chose to use my hospitality. I attempted to not say anymore than I absolutely had to, and to try to choose my words carefully. Not to imply that I'm better than everyone else -- I am the first to admit, it's not usually that way. But I can be happy for those times when I don't completely blow it.

Still, people fight. We fight. And most of the time, it's about stuff that really doesn't matter. In the long run, it's relevance is nil. Yeah. And it stinks. Big time. Too bad we waste so much energy, so much adrenaline, so much anger and pain and words better left unspoken and even better never thought . . . . to have strife. It really does STINK. I pray that I will see more of this side of it, so next time I'm the party about to be offended or already offended, I will perhaps reflect and try to be the peacemaker instead. I will need help to do that. But I sincerely want to!

May your week ahead be one of peace . . . . one in which you may practice loving not just saying you love someone. Actions speak louder than words (although words can cut you down).