Friday, November 30, 2012

On This The Last Day of November

Hello Friends!

Hard to believe we are in the very last day of November, 2012.  It seems every year as Christmas draws ever closer, I find it hard to fathom that time has more than inched -- yes, sprinted -- away and we are at the close of another year.  Where does time go?  That mysterious element.  It comes and goes, yet nobody knows . . . . . except of course God, how exactly it works.  It truly is a mystery.  I find it intriguing.

Anyhow, something of a segue there!  I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!  Our was pretty uneventful really.  Having no family nearby means, well, no family to spend Thanksgiving with! We did break tradition and have our turkey-day on the Saturday AFTER Thanksgiving! That was interesting.  But we have been busy on home improvement projects (think painting the walls of a room -- yes, it takes time and it's demanding!) and so the open days of Thursday and Friday just worked well for things needing to be tended to!  And when we did eat Thanksgiving supper, after I had cooked all day and was so tired and sore (yes I felt my age and then some!), it was well worth it.  The food was delicious!

So Christmas is right around the bend.  We have not even begun to put up any decorations whatsoever. Why? See aforementioned home improvements -- with the one room being painted, everything that room contained except the bed frame and springs has been transported to our front room.  The front room is where we usually erect the lovely Christmas tree and put out various little decorations, including one of my all time favorites, SNOWMEN!  Yes, I do love me some snowmen.  ;-)  At any rate, I know I will be glad when the room is finished up and all the contents moved back and the front room clear so we can put up our tree! THEN it will feel more like Christmas is coming again, for real!

What are your traditions surrounding the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas?  Do you typically have your tree up and decorated before Thanksgiving is through?  The day after?  The week after?  What other decorations do you love to put up, and which do you dislike (thinking of lights on the eaves, or on the roof . . . . most shudder at the thought!)?  I'd love to hear!

Thanks for stopping by.  I'm always glad someone takes an interest in my humble blog and am thankful for any and all who follow!  Have a lovely last day of November!


  1. The day after Thanksgiving is usually tradition for us. But, with Christmas music playing on the radio and decorations going up early around town, I'm surprised we didn't put our goodies up right after Halloween!!! :) I felt like Thanksgiving got a little lost in the mix this year.

  2. I am so ready to put our tree up, but we use a real one so we have to wait a little longer so it doesn't die in the house! Next weekend maybe???

  3. We put ours the week before Thanksgiving. But, this year we put it up earlier due to our trip! Our tradition is to cook cookies & listen to carols while we decorate. ;-)

    I hope we get to start our own traditions with ya'll... :D

  4. @Andie: Thanks for stopping in! It is easy for Thanksgiving to get a little lost in the mix. I understand your feeling! I hope you and yours have a lovely Christmas, though!

    @Brittney: Thanks for stopping by my blog! Great to see you on here. I understand waiting to put up a real tree! Ours is artificial, so we don't have the complication of trying to keep it alive and watering it. Sometime I hope we do get a real one for fun....and just keep it watered. :) Have a lovely Christmas!

    @Heather: I do recall you put yours up a bit earlier! Listening to carols while putting up the tree and decorating is just the best! I hope we get to start some good traditions with you guys, too! Thanks! :)