Friday, July 23, 2010

Music - Therapy for the Soul

I suppose it's a given that practically EVERYONE loves music, in one genre or another.  Do you?

As for myself, I have loved music ever since I can remember.  I was virtually raised on classical music.  It is still one of my primary loves. However, since I've had a taste of other genres, my pallete has become decidedly more eclectic, even while it's selective. Some other genres I typically enjoy include Celtic music, pop, most jazz, some folk and bluegrass, and a great deal of instrumental. I even enjoy some rock, albeit soft rock more often than not.  Contemporary Christian and some rather "independent" and unique styles also factor in there.

My Ipod is a conglomeration of many genres.  You can find everything from Canon in D (workout version haha) to Michael Buble to Dido to Jonathan Diaz to Kris Allen.  My Itunes is even more of a mix!  But I love it.  Because I just never know exactly what "musical mood" I will find myself in, until I'm about ready to work out and have the accompanying music, or cook and have the music, or clean and have the music, or just RELAX with music! 

What about you?  Do you love music, too?  What do you like most about it?  Its ability to soothe your soul, or reve you up, or keep you going on the treadmill when you feel your legs are jello?  :-)  I love all these aspects of music. It truly is a language in and of itself. A beautiful language, at that!

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