Tuesday, May 31, 2011

One Day till June!

Hello Friends!

My hope is that when you read this, you are relishing this final day of the month of May.  Tomorrow will be June 2011!  Wow, did you ever imagine being able to say that?  I mean, it seems sometimes like 2001 was yesterday, but it was a decade ago.  A DECADE folks!  And then, it also seems like the turn of the decade, century, and MILLENNIUM was also a mere shadow ago . . . even while it seems like forever has passed in between.

Time is so unusual like that.  You know?  I think about it often.  Ponder how it is that time really does seem to work independently of anyone, and of anything.  Some days it seems it drags its feet, others it seems it has feet with wings . . . .  yet, I haven't figured out exactly how this phenomenon works.  Of course, no one outside of God truly HAS understood it.  He created it.  So of course, He understands time and its many puzzling facets.  But man does not.  We can only imagine, hypothesize, seize the chance to study it and experiment with it best we know how.  But we do not understand time.

When I think about how we still do not understand time, I realize how very much we have yet to learn.  As the human population in general.  We have learned by leaps and bounds, yet the possibilities are endless.  The thought gives me shivers even as it thrills me to the core!  There will always be a chance to learn!  How amazing is that?

Hope you have a beautiful 31st of May, and learn at least one new thing today and live as if time is running fast as it can from you . . . .because really, it does run away faster than we can even know.

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  1. I know what you mean. In many ways, the past year and decade seem to have flown by. When I was a child though, the years seemed so long. I can remember many aspects of my life back then as if it were just yesterday, but I know it's not. I remember going to school, hanging out with friends, playing sports. It's very odd to me sometimes to think of myself as a 26 year old, when it feels like not that long ago that I was a teenager in high school. It almost does feel like time has sped up. I don't think it has, but I feel like it has. My perception of it has. It's amazing how our brains work like that. I think time is indeed a mystery that we cannot fully comprehend since we are in time. Only God, being outside of time, can really comprehend it. To me, the bigger mystery is how our brain works in how it perceives that passage of time. What would be really nice, is if we could slow down time, or at the very least, slow down our perception of it, when we are spending those wonderful moments with the ones we love.