Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Beauty is All Around . . . .

I was sent a very nice email forward from someone I find I am ever so grateful to know.  In the forward, I was encouraged by a little story to look closely at all around me, because there are so many "little" ways that God wants to show me He cares and loves me, that He is listening and watching and trying to touch my life. Of course, He wants to do the same for others, not only me.

So then I've been thinking . . . . I always have noticed little things.  I mean, I could be riding in a car with a complete stranger and see something and point it out, and their response will include, "Gee, never saw that before!" or "Yeah, that's true, didn't notice it!"   Not saying that I'm the all-observant-one.  Just stating that when it comes to being observant, I think I'm probably normally in the upper percentile.  I have my days.  Days when I accidentally overlook a loving glance, a kind touch, a friendly gesture, even a ray of sunlight in my hair or a butterfly crossing my path.  But I can honestly say, I do my best every day to really LOOK.  To really live in the moment and not just run around with my head full of everything that has yet to be done and everything in my future.

I know you've heard it before -- live every moment. Live IN the moment. Live as if this is your LAST moment.  I am certain you think it's almost cliche for  me to exhort you to also "stop and smell the roses," and take a good, long, look around you every single day of your life.  And don't procrastinate.  Procrastination is most always our enemy, and definitely the enemy of best intentions.

Hoping this reminds you to look . . . to love . . . to accept love . . . to search out God . . . to live every moment!

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