Thursday, June 2, 2011

We All Need Somebody, To Lean On . . . .

Those, friends, are a few words from a song that seems to be a particular favorite of someone close to me! And the words of the song are pretty true, really.  You might know it, "Lean on Me"?  Yes, well, I have felt the need to lean and to do what I may to help others who need to lean many a time in the recent past.

Sometimes, you just don't know how soon you might need the shoulder of someone who cares for you so that you can cry to your heart's desire.  You don't know how soon you might need the hand of someone looking out for you to lift you up out of the pit of despair or self-pity.  You don't know how soon you might need the kind words of someone who sees beyond the thinly veiled, desperate smile you try to put forward.  You don't know how soon you might just need a friend.

So, in the meantime, whether you find yourself (as I do at this time) in the position of one who is in need, or in the position of one who can be called upon to comfort, guide, exhort or otherwise wipe the tears of a hurting soul, I ask you . . . . do not forget that we all need each other.  Trite as it may sound, humans are made to have relationship, and not just superficial, "Hi, how are ya' but don't tell me because I don't really want to know!" happenstance run-ins with others on an occasional basis.  Today, do not forget how important at least one other person in this whole world is, to you.  And do not overlook how important you could be to them, in exchange; how much you could brighten their day and raise their hunched shoulders, from something as simple as a letter, a phone call, an email, even a text message or if you are able, a friendly smile with a genuine, "Hey, how are you doing today, honestly??"   Try it and see!  The effects are even beyond what you can see, but they are there!


  1. Thanks, girl! :) It's true! Wouldn't post about anything I wasn't passionate about or didn't find to be a truth. :)