Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I Suppose You Think I Fell Off the Face of the Planet . . . .

Hello Friends!

Okay, so, I realize I gave the disclaimer at least a good 8 months ago, that I am an "awful blogger" at best.  For the simple reason I ran out of things to write about that you'd (understandably) care to read . . . or have the time to!

Well, I'm back!  And I want to make it up to you, so to speak.  So much has transpired in my own life since my last post that it would be 1) too time-consuming 2) rather redundant and 3) not so interesting to anyone except myself and a few folks who are very familiar with me, for me to take a trip down memory lane and fill you in completely.  Thus, I will refrain!

However, I will start by saying since I last posted, I happily became the "mommy" of two adorable furbabies. Yes, you read that correctly!  I adopted, from a local shelter, two puppies (a mere 8 wks old at the time!) who are sisters from the same litter of pups, last November.  They are Australian Cattle Dogs.  Or more accurately, I have determined they are actually Stumpy-Tailed Australian Cattle Dogs . . . . as they have literal stumps for tails, as if someone bobbed them when they were wee pups!  But those little stubby tails are so awfully cute!  Seriously! If you could only see them wiggle when they are thrilled out of their little doggie minds to see me at the window or when I got outside to play with them and pat their furry little doggie heads! OOooooooooh so cute!  (okay, okay, enough with the mushy puppy lover stuff, I know!) 

So, my puppies are nearly full grown now, well, as full grown as puppies can be at approx. 9 months of age!  They will celebrate their 1st year in early September.  They are turning out to be beautiful dogs, looking less like puppies every day.  Super intelligent, super cute, super fun and a SUPER HANDFUL since I decided upon getting TWO at one time!  Double the trouble, but also, double the fun!

I may or may not have mentioned on here that I also have two pet rabbits.  Yes, I do!  They are so sweet and generally the quietest pets you could find outside of a fishbowl.  Seriously.  Besides when they decide they have tribal roots and begin their rhythmic thumping marathons whilst I am trying to go to sleep . . . or wake me up in the middle of the night with the sound!  I am not kidding.  I am serious.  I suppose the loud, persistent thud of their rather large back paws has something to do with a territorial urge . . . I don't understand it, as they are females and sisters, at that.  But even females can exhibit territorial tendencies, I have gathered!  At any rate, they are overall very quiet, very calm (as calm as rather nervous animals can be), very sweet and oh-so-soft that they make the best touch therapy EV-ER people! 

They are also amusing to watch.  One has a distinct habit of tearing pieces of her newspaper bedding off and standing up on her hind legs while trying to push the pieces through the tight wiring of her cage to the outside world.  It's as if she wants to share her lovely one-of-a-kind bedding with everyone around her.  And she does this . . . ALL the TIME.  Which makes for quite a bit of cleaning up little shreds of newspaper all around her cage. Ah well.  Such is the life of a rabbit.  The other enjoys wriggling her way beneath her large sections of the Times Record and peeking her head out to look around, the newspaper all but covering her.  She looks like a little mountain of newspaper with a bunny face peeking out, rather like she's wearing a large shawl.  So cute!

Well, if you have survived and kept your interest alive this far along, I applaud you!  I realize I have great enthusiasm when it comes to relaying all the information I can about my darling little furbabies, all four of them . . . but not everyone shares my utter excitement.  At least, they give me ample conversational topics and I enjoy having them around!  Hope you've at LEAST gotten a few chuckles out of my snippets!

Have a lovely day .  . . and if you have a furbaby, go love on them . . . right now!  I mean it!  Just DO it!  :-)  They will always return your love in whichever way they can!!!   (sidenote--I hope to have something else of interest to write about the next time I post on here! So be keeping your eyes open folks! thanks!)


  1. Awe, I just got done holding Mr. Darcy. He is sweet. ;-)

  2. Oh, and I think I didn't have the right address for your blog, so that explains why I could never find it! lol

  3. I hold him when he lets me, LOL. He's such an independent little thing. ;-)

  4. LOL Yes your puppy is rather independent. My puppies on the other hand, are all over any person who gives them any sort of attention whatsoever! I know you've seen them in action!