Monday, August 13, 2012

The Mysterious Benedict Society

The first time I saw the title of this book, I was totally intrigued!  I wanted to know what such a title could mean and when a good friend of mine, Heather, mentioned that she'd seen the book and wanted to test it out someday, then I knew I should try it! Our taste in reading is often identical!

The story follows four "gifted" children who each respond to an ad in the newspaper that reads, "Are you a gifted child looking for special opportunities?"  I think one of the aspects I like best about this book, without giving anything away, is to say that individual gifts, talents, personalities, etc. are emphasized and celebrated as a good thing, even as the possibility for greatness when combining the efforts of individuals is also explored.

I am now so very happy I gave in to my curiosity and read, "The Mysterious Benedict Society."  It is a delightful book! I highly recommend it. What a refreshing change of pace! I have tried to think of what this book reminds me of, because facets of it do remind me of some other book I've read, but otherwise it seems original enough that it is difficult for me to compare it to any other book.  I think this would probably be a great read for anyone who loves a wonderful young teen/early YA book with a flavor similar to bygone eras, yet nothing outdated or difficult to understand in the least!  Stewart uses fun vocabulary and his plot is truly brilliant. You come to appreciate and love the main and supporting protagonists.  Loved reading this book, did not feel like it was too young for an adult to thoroughly enjoy and I'm looking forward to the next three that are out!  These are books I would hand to my children in a heartbeat!  :) 

Have you read The Mysterious Benedict Society?  Thoughts? 


  1. I started reading it and need to finish the book. It seems like such a great story line! Did you know the author is from Arkansas? A friend recently told me that. Neat, huh?



  2. It is an amazing story line! I think you told me he is from Arkansas, actually! Funny! :) Have a blessed day and thanks for stopping in and commenting!