Friday, August 17, 2012

Confronting Jezebel: Review

Confronting Jezebel by Steve Sampson exposes what is often referred to as "The Jezebel spirit," or the spirit of control.  In this less than 200-page book, Sampson delves into two examples in the Bible, namely Queen Jezebel and King Ahab, her husband, in order to show us what someone who has allowed the spiritual stronghold of control to take over their lives and their hearts looks like.  He also uses many real-life examples of the terrible consequences that happen when a person or people choose to control others in an ungodly way, sowing discord, confusion, rebellion, passivity and more. The harvest is one of pain, broken relationships, clouded judgment and loss, even to the extent of churches breaking apart.

I found this book to be highly interesting and also convicting.  Basically everyone has some controlling aspects to their personality, but it is imperative that we do not allow ourselves to be controllers as Sampson reinforces in his book over and over.  Walking in the light as God is in the light implies we are not to be controlling others . . . . rather we are told to be responsible for ourselves, our actions, our words and our choices. This is a godly attitude. This book really hit home even as it was enlightening, helping confirm what I believed I had glimpsed in some of the dreadful scenarios I had seen played out as people -- even those claiming to be Christians -- controlled or attempted to control others in a way that no human being should be controlled.  I would recommend this book if you are wanting to learn more about walking in God's Holy Spirit, and keeping your eyes wide open and your heart functioning in spiritual discernment rather than out of the ache to control others! If you want to be prepared in the spiritual battle we are engaged in, you need to know your enemy!

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Thank you to Bethany Books/Chosen Books for giving me a copy of this book in order to obtain my honest review.  Please note that all opinions expressed in the review are mine and are not influenced by being given the book for free. 

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