Monday, July 2, 2012


This morning the insulation guy came to our house and blew insulation into our entire attic!  We have been needing this since we moved into our home, since it was built over 60 years ago and what insulation was present was minimal and pretty much ineffective!  Needless to say, we're very excited to have a cooler house this summer and to have (hopefully drastically) reduced heating and air conditioning bills!  

Otherwise, I'm on the last day of my almost-two-week break between summer terms.  I successfully pulled off the first summer term and so now have one less graduate course to complete and am one step closer to getting my Masters!  Can you tell I'm excited? Because I am! I start my second summer term tomorrow, and it is certain to be an interesting class. The last one was! 

I have been reading some, mostly books that I chose to review.  One I am enjoying currently is a novel from Bethany House Publishers, called "Submerged." So far, so good!  

As the summer is now upon us, I try to find methods of cooking that don't require running our oven and stove for longer than necessary, if at all.  It makes the already warm and stuffy house HOT and almost unbearable! We are just so grateful for the wonderful gift of a grill from my husband's parents and my amazing parents-in-law, so that we are able to cook at least some of our meals outdoors!  I love grilling!  Some favorites so far have included burgers, grilled asparagus and steaks with grilled baby portabellas!  YUM!!! 

Hubby and I have been working around our house lately, organizing, sorting through clothes and odds and ends to see what needs to be kept and what needs to be given away.  I'm delighted to say I have unburdened myself of (ahem - several) boxes of clothes that I won't be using and if I did, it wouldn't be for quite a while!  It feels so good to be better organized. Definitely a work in progress, none of it is accomplished overnight, especially when you're still merging two households (his and mine!).  But we've made a dent and it's encouraging!  :-) 

So what are you up to this summer?  Stay cool! 

And Happy Independence Day!!  (it's only 2 days away!) 


  1. Woohoo for new insulation! I'm excited for a more temperately comfortable house and lower energy costs. And the grill is quite nice. Love grilled burgers and steak. I need to get a grill cook-book sometime, try out some new things. And I know you'll continue to do wonderfully in your master's classes. You have been so far!

  2. We'll have to do that too once we can get into our house! It still needs a lot of work and a lot of love but it's ours :)
    I've been reading a lot too!! Have you ever read anything by Maeve Binchy? I think she's Irish... She sucks me in every time!
    And needless to say, we're shedding our junk too... We don't wanna be moving anything we don't need so everything has to go!

  3. Glad ya'll finally got insulation!!

    Oh, I LOVE LOVE LOVE grilled asparagus. I'm hungry just thinking about it... ;-)

  4. @Joe: Yes! the grill rocks and the insulation sure helps keep our home pleasant!

    @Evelien: I understand, our house is old and it needs work in some respect all the time....but it's ours, and we're grateful to live here!

    @Mrs. Pedersen: Yes, we're glad, too! LOL And I know the asparagus sentiment's our very own sentiment, very often! haha