Monday, October 31, 2011

Love You More by Jennifer Grant

' "She knows she was adopted," I said. "We talk about it. And, you know what, I am the lucky one.  I'm lucky to be her mother." ' (pg. 183, Love You More)  So says Jennifer in her poignant and realistic book, Love You More. In this heartwarming account, Jennifer tells of her initial desire to adopt a child into her already full, happy family of five and takes us through her life from before her desire to the fruition of her desire in the form of Mia, her adopted Guatemalan daughter.  This is a precious book.  Very down to earth and engaging, easy to read, you feel as if you've stepped in the lives of the Grant family and into Jennifer's own heart and thoughts all at the same time.  You feel as if you're chatting with her over a cup of steaming coffee in her kitchen, with the sound of happy kids playing in the background.

This is a beautiful real-to-life story of how adoption truly should be.  And what a wondrous world it opens!

Thanks to BookSneeze for my review copy of this wonderful book for free in order to write a review.  Please note that all opinions expressed are my own. 


  1. awesome! i love how her daughter's name is mia... since my dear friend just adopted a lil beauty and named her mia. : )

    happy weekend, sweet gal!

  2. @carissa: Yes! I like the name Mia quite a bit myself these days . . .it's cute and pretty all wrapped up in one plus it has a sweet meaning! Thanks for stopping in and reading my humble blog! Have a blessed day! :)