Saturday, August 20, 2011

Come See My Book Giveaway!!!

Hello Friends!

Recently I read a good and interesting book that I purchased on sale at Barnes and Noble (my favorite store of ALL stores thus far in my short life!).  It was entitled, "The Girl in the Gatehouse" by Julie Klassen.  Klassen is a Christian author, published by Bethany House.  And I want to give it away to one of you!!!!

This novel has a Jane Austen air to it, so for those of you who love the classics by Austen, you need to read this book!  It was sweet, as well as interesting because there are a lot of elements that keep you in relative suspense until very near the end!  If I tell too much more I will give it away I think.  But suffice it to say, the female protagonist writes novels in secret (it was frowned upon for women to write in her time), everyone she meets has a colorful past and secrets of their own beside her particular circumstances . . . and it ends with a bang!  :-)

I enjoyed reading "The Girl in the Gatehouse," but I want to pass it on to another person who would enjoy it as much or even more than I did! So . . . here's the scoop . . . to enter this giveaway, you will need to do just a few easy things:

1) Leave a comment on this post and tell me if you've read a novel by Julie Klassen yet AND if you are a fan of Jane Austen novels, or if you just want to be and so this novel is how you'd begin that lovely obsession!

2) Head on over to my other blog, a{R}tisan Quilts and leave a comment in response to my latest question/post on there, the one about what would you like to see featured in a quilt (can be anything, but in particular, what fabric designs, colors, or block designs etc).  Then check out the photos page on the same blog, go to the bottom of the page and tell me simply which of the fabrics featured on there so far (more to come!) is your favorite and why!

Easy enough, right?  :-)   I appreciate all of your input and I am excited to see which of your names will be drawn when the time comes!  You have until August 27th to enter!  In the words of a favorite novel I recently read, "Let the games begin!"  (courtesy of The Hunger Games of course!)


  1. a book giveaway! I've never heard of that author. However, I LOVE Austen novels. I've read three so far. Hopefully, I will start the fourth this fall.

    Heading to your other blog...

  2. Oh, fun, I would love to win! I'm a big Jane Austen fan, so anything that has the same feel to it as one of her books is something I'd probably like!

  3. Me too! That is, me too, never heard of the author but I do love Jane Austen!

  4. I recently purchased Klassen's "The Apothecary's Daughter" at a used bookstore and I just got her other book "The Silent Governess" in yesterday. I am dying to read "The Girl In The Gatehouse" as well. I've not read either of her books yet, but they are on my to-read-super-soon list! I've never finished a Jane Austen book, sad to say, but I do love her stories.

  5. I went to your other blog and did as per your request! ;)

  6. I've never heard of that author, but I love Jane Austen! Thank you for all of your kind words on my blog. It means a lot.