Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Seems to be Blog Day

At least, for me. The only time I've gotten from this past week, is now in which to blog!

I am actually starting to wind down for the night!  It's past my usual bedtime. ;)  But really, I just wanted to stop in and let you all know that I am indeed still alive and present!

I also wanted to make a short post about something that was really great for me this past week.  I had to take a major, major exam.  No, being forced to take a major, major exam was NOT the great part of my week! *snort*snicker*laugh  HA  Who are we kidding?!?  But, the results were great.  And so was the process, though more looking back upon it than during the process! Because I understood, yet again, how very much God loves me . . . . how He really does listen when I pray . . . . how marvelous it is to know that in my weakness (and trust me, I was feeling VERY weak especially in math a certain part of the exam!!) He is able to show Himself strong.  Let me tell you friends, the power of God's Word in your mind and heart is beyond description.  I can personally testify.  I knew better than to ever doubt that fact, anyhow, and even better than to doubt myself if I had maintained full focus on God the entire time instead of mostly the day of my exam. Yet, He was patient with me.  And when I chose to start recalling and speaking aloud those precious scriptures I knew applied to my situation (sort of like a mantra, except no mantra could ever begin to compare to reciting God's Word to yourself and really, truly taking it in!), to my anxiety, to my nervousness, to my fear of failing the exam and having to pay all that money again and study even more and let myself and others down, it changed everything.  I not only prayed.  I meditated on His Word.  His Word was hidden in my heart, and it didn't go out to return void!

I told God that morning before the exam, I knew He could see me through it.  I knew I could pass with His help.  And I told Him that when I did, I wanted to give Him the brunt of the credit.  Sure, I did my part at least to a certain extent.  But I am more than willing to say, "Thank You, God!  I couldn't have done this without You!"  And I say it with sincerity.  After the exam, after passing so I never, EVER have to take it again (squeal!) and being so excited about it, after thanking God, I wanted to share it with you all because I believe we are to share our experiences of God's faithfulness!  And I wanted to be able to encourage you today . . . .

So, are you facing a test of any sort?  A trial? A temptation? Call on the name of the Lord, and you shall be saved, His Word says so!  It also says for us to write His Word upon our hearts, our minds, our foreheads even . . . . so that we never forget His multitude of beautiful, true, real promises!  Have a great weekend!

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