Sunday, July 17, 2011

Books and Summer Go Together Like Hand and Glove

Hello Friends!

Let me start by saying how very much I have missed you all in the blog-o-sphere over the past week and then some!  It seems as if I just haven't had the time to make any blog posts of my own.  Which I will tell you, does bug me.  I have had the chance to stop in, albeit briefly, at a couple of the blogs I follow.  Literally a couple.  And literally only a couple posts on those couple blogs.  So . . . is there such a thing as "blog deprivation"?  Because I think I've suffered from the same for the past 10 days at least!  haha

Though I haven't had much time outside of my full time summer job and all the other things I have to try to get around to that are just a part of life and keeping a house, etc. I have had a bit of time to read over my lunch breaks at work.  You might notice I posted a review on one short book I recently finished, "A Place Called Blessing."  Well, I also recently finished. . . . *drumroll* "Mockingjay"!  Yes, I have officially completed the riveting Hunger Games trilogy!  I think I actually finished the aforementioned novel days ago, maybe almost a week, just haven't had the time to write about it.  But it was excellent!  Took me a little longer to get into it than books 1 and 2, but by longer I mean nothing more than the first chapter or so.  And I loved the book!  It was engaging and my, how the plot thickened and took some unexpected turns and the ending was awesome but also might find a few of you who choose to read the trilogy at a loss for words!  I don't know.  Depends on how good you are at guesstimating how a novel with so many twists and turns and such raw emotion and courageous rebellion might turn out in the end!  haha  Have I piqued your interest, yet?  I would be running to the local bookstore or library now if it were me reading this short and compelling review!  ;-)

Other than some reading, like I said, I have been busy working outside the home.  Also working on some things to help me with home organization and homemaking skills.  Yes, yes, I am a work in progress.  I am pretty certain I shall always be a work in progress, and not the least where homemaking is concerned! My husband and I are working on a chore chart this very weekend.  Visual aides can be a major . . . well, aide!  Somehow having a "list" or chart for household duties makes sense.  We are going to attempt it.  Hardcore here people.  Chore chart experience 101!

So, here are my questions for you all today: what have you experimented with in homemaking, housekeeping, organization, etc. that was really a "flop" for you?  And what have you tested that was a success?  I love to hear other people's ideas because it helps me to re-evaluate and improve my own!  And as you probably all know, the person next to you may not think of organization in the same light and their way of keeping up with life and all the messes it throws into our path could be entirely oppositional to your own, yet work just as well!  Please, dish it out! I love comments from you all!  And have an amazing week! 


  1. I'm a bit over halfway through Mockingjay now. I still have no idea how it will all end. It's so suspenseful! Can't wait to finish it!

  2. I think a chore chart is an excellent idea. I do so much better throughout the week if I make a list of "to do's". That's major for me, though. I hate making lists...

  3. @LeAnna: so far the chore chart seems to help. It's a visual aide, after all! :) I always have "to do" lists, and try to stick by them though I confess I am far from perfect at it! haha

    @Joe: You have since finished Mockingjay! And I know for a fact you loved the book! As did I!