Friday, May 17, 2013

Raveled: A Book Review

"Raveled" by Anne McAneny is a page-turner, a riveting read about a fictional small town in North Carolina where the secrets are dark as blackstrap molasses and just as deeply hidden at the bottom of the barrel.  But even secrets abysmally deep have an astonishing way of winding their way back up to the surface, forcing their way through the cracks of confused, bothered minds and wrestling consciences.

Allison Fennimore is the protagonist in "Raveled," and she has returned to Lavitte 16 years after a grisly crime involving two teenagers truly unraveled her life, her family and the entire small town.  Allison has returned to find answers. Will she find what she has come for?  At what cost?

As the truth of the terrible events of 16 years prior begin to slowly resurface, you will find yourself drawn to Allison and perhaps even a few of the other believable and either likable or despicable characters. You will desperately want to find out how the story ends.

To my friends who do not or cannot read graphic descriptions, please note that there are some mild to moderate graphic descriptions within this book, though given the subject some of that is not unexpected in an adult novel involving crimes and so forth.

I give "Raveled" 4/5 stars.

Thank you to Farrington Press, the author Anne McAneny and Net Galley for a complimentary ebook copy of "Raveled." Please note that my review is original. 

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