Monday, March 4, 2013


"'Funny thing about hearts. They can be as big as the ocean.  But there's only room in them to either be open or to harbor secrets." (Secrets)

Jessica moves to Glenbrooke with a heart full of secrets. Her guard is up toward everyone, even the kindest people she makes acquaintance with and those who repeatedly choose to attempt to befriend her. None of them know she is even hiding anything at first. Then, things start to unravel for Jessica, even as some parts of her life start to become inexplicably better and better.  She finds herself receiving things she thought only she knew she wanted, and experiencing feelings that she would rather shove down deep inside and never work through.

I chose to review this book in ebook form from the Christian novelist, Robin Jones Gunn, entitled "Secrets," the first book in her Glenbrooke series.  I was intrigued by the description that mentioned the main character was moving to a small town to "start over" in her life, to run from a lifestyle or past she could not bear any longer.  I thought, haven't we all reached a point in our lives where we wanted to just run away from whatever burden we felt we could not bear any longer?

What will happen for Jessica? Will she finally choose to face the life she has run from? Will she decide to return love and trust toward the people of Glenbrooke who have tried so hard to befriend her?  Will this story have a truly happy ending?  Read "Secrets" to find out!!  I say you should, because you'll be glad you did!  I give this book 5/5 stars!

Thanks to the Blogging for Books program for a free ebook copy of this novel in return for my review!  Please note that all opinions expressed are my own.  If you'd like to take just a moment to rate my review of this novel or of any others I've reviewed, please click this link to visit the Blogging for Books site and look for my profile under Rachel Rudin! Thank you! 

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