Tuesday, May 8, 2012

He Said

Dear Friends,

I don't know about you, but sometimes I feel overwhelmed.  There are times I've felt overwhelmed in a positive sense; my life has had ups and downs, but I can most easily find many, many blessings for which I'm grateful and sometimes, I just feel overwhelmed with God's goodness in my life!  And yet, there are days when I have felt if I try to take even one more step, I might just collapse.  If I have to present one more upbeat, optimistic response that I might be sick.  That if I am told to count my blessings or think about how far I've come I just might pull my hair out!

Now, perhaps you think I couldn't possibly feel this way.  But let me tell you, I don't know of a single human being who has not at some point in their lives felt overwhelmed.  They may choose to never admit it is so, but I can guarantee, if it hasn't happened, it will.

The good news is . . . . while I may feel overwhelmed, I am not overthrown.  While I may stumble, I will not fall.  While I might bend, I will not break.  While I might (and do!) cry, I won't totally collapse into a heap never to recover.  And do you know why I can say these things with such conviction? Because I know God's Word is true and His Word is where I find my strength.

There is a song that I am honest-to-goodness LOVING lately, it just speaks volumes to me! And it's all about facing a point in your life where you are sure that you are done, a goner, overwhelmed beyond repair, falling apart and at a point of no return.  It's all about feeling that way and then being encouraged to NEVER forget what "He Said."  What God says.  I cannot tell you how much I need to be reminded, over and over and over and over and over and . . . . well, like a broken record, really, that God has told me He will never give me more than I can handle.  Because you see, I don't have to handle anything that comes my way on my own. I never have to face another crisis alone.  He is always there with me, holding me up, bracing me, walking with me through storm and through fire, holding my hand every single step of the way.

Do I always feel Him near?  Honestly, there are times I have felt He wasn't there.  But He never leaves.  He never forsakes.  He has promised that and He cannot lie.  And so though I have had brief periods of my life where I felt I couldn't sense Him with me, my heart, my spirit knew the truth: that what He said still stood and that He was right there, no matter what.

So today, I want to share this wonderful song with you.  I have said my bit.  I have bared my heart. But I truly hope that I have felt I should share this song, this inspiration, these bare bones of my deepest heart's emotions, because God wanted to touch someone today.  If that someone is you, I pray that you will read this and listen to the song and know God in a new, fresh way that will boost your faith in Him and in His wonderful plan for you!!  God loves you so, so much!


  1. I just wanted to say you are one of the sweetest bloggers I "know".
    I've been getting to know God better and better these past weeks but sometimes it is hard to feel Him close.
    Nice song :)

  2. I think we all feel like this at time. There are times when every Christian will feel far from God, or feel like nothing is working out "for the good for those of us that love Him." I know I have been on both sides of it. Sometimes I'm the one left wondering, and sometimes I'm the one trying to encourage. Encouraging can be a difficult thing, because sometimes, you're right, we don't want to simply hear that "everything will be alright." I know I've said that before when it probably wasn't what was needed. For me, it does help when somebody is being sincere in their encouragement, when they are genuinely trying to help and to heal. I think sometimes God uses those people to also help remind us of His love and His grace. It is reassuring knowing that He said He will never forsake us, and that His love will never end.

  3. @Evelien: Awww thanks so much! You melted my heart when I read your comment, and again when I re-read it just now! :) You are also one of the sweetest bloggers I "know"! I love this song....glad you enjoyed it!

    @Joe: Agreed, all Christians feel far from God at some point. I like to remind myself I'm not far from Him, because He never leaves me! Sincere encouragement helps, yes, you've given me some before and I always appreciate it! :)