Friday, April 27, 2012

Time Flies When You're Having . . . Fun?

Dear Friends,

I gasp in shock as I realize that not two, not four, but SEVEN weeks have passed since I last posted here on my little blog!!  *gasp*   How could I leave you all for so long?  I am sure that all sorts of things have happened in everyone's lives in the past seven weeks and now I'm terribly behind on reading blogs as well as posting ...... the upside of the scenario being that I love to read your blogs, anyhow, so I will have fun "catching up" over the next week or more!

In my life, much has happened in the past seven weeks.  For one, I had spring break. Well, a semblance of a break, at least.  They call it spring "break" in the graduate world, but what they truly should call it is something along the lines of spring break-your-neck-working-on-all-you-haven't-done-yet-week!!!!  Yes, I am serious.  However, I did manage to enjoy myself and have a bit of R&R for a few days in there, as I recall.......we had a couple we are good friends with down to visit and stay with us on the last few days of my break.  And the highlight was, we all got to see The Hunger Games newly released in theaters that weekend!!  That was fun!!  I enjoyed the movie.  Typically I am not a fan of movies made from the books I had loved (such as the entire Hunger Games trilogy), however, I felt the movie was mostly on target with the book so I didn't despise it!!  LOL  I still love the books best, though.  I'm a diehard bookie.  :-)

Far as classes go, I have just on presentation left in the next week and two class meets, then spring semester is over!  Of course I signed my happy self up for summer classes, so I literally start those only eight days after spring semester is complete!!  What did I do?  haha  It is hard even for me to realize that I have already completed a full year of my Masters!  How exciting is that?  Very, I say!  It flew by!  Time flies when you're having . . . . fun?!?

I am still in physical therapy.  Wow, talk about wearing a person out!  Of course I speak from only one person's perspective, but honestly, it has been a rough road!  And it's not over yet.  Been pretty painful but I'm hanging in there, hoping for good results and improvement!  I have seen a little change in a positive direction, which helps to encourage me and keep me motivated.

I have read a few interesting books in the last two months.  A biography of Steve Jobs (if you have read anything about him, you'd understand when I say he was a highly creative and inventive genius but sorely lacked in the social skills/interpersonal relationship department! Quite the character!) was a long, long read but interesting overall . . . . then there was "Confessions of a Shopaholic" that was a light, very amusing read I took with me for our short vacation to Florida (also very enjoyable and much-needed respite!).  I read the first two books in the Ada's House series of Amish novels by Cindy Woodsmall, also very good.  Well I should say I read the second book in the last eight weeks, that's the truth of it.  Now I'm starting the second Shopaholic book in my "spare" time (does that exist?!?) and enjoy it as a welcome relief from otherwise serious and often very research-focused reading found in my graduate studies.  I mean, don't get me wrong, typically I actually find the majority of my required school reading fascinating, and at least educational . . . . but it does not remotely resemble "fun" reading!  :-)

So, dear friends, what is up in your world?  I know I can have at least a partial answer to that question by reading all of your blogs, which will take me a while to catch up on . . . . but just the same, I thought perhaps you'd like to stop in a leave a wee comment for me?  I'd love that!!  I always get so excited when I see that someone has taken the time to read my rambling posts and leave a word or two!  Comment on anything above, if you wish!  What have you read and loved or despised?  Seen any interesting films?  Done anything interesting in school?  Physical therapy?  ;-)  Well I suppose that last one isn't as common, which is a good thing!

Have a lovely day!!

p.s. do you like this new template for my blog? I rather like this one, it looks like a watercolor painting!  Let me know your thoughts. . . . .  :-)


  1. Aaah I'm so happy you're back!! Yes, school is killing me too haha! Just keep on going and it'll be over in no time! (this means I have no time left before my thesis needs to be done? Oops...)
    And I like your new template :)
    The music is also always very nice by the way, I enjoy the quiet music in the background!!

  2. i only read book one... it was so intriguing but too depressing for me. so i opted to skip the other books. but, i do want to see the movie!

  3. Sounds like you've been pretty busy! We haven't been doing too much, just lots of house projects. :-)

  4. Yea!!!! Comments!!!!!

    @Evelien: I'm so happy I'm back, also! At least, I am for the time being! haha! I will keep going and already I'm a year in, it flew by, so I think the next couple years or so will also pass quickly! I'm glad you liked my new template, thanks for telling me! :) Also so glad you appreciate the background music! I rather favor it myself.

    @Carissa: You only read book one of the Hunger Games? They are wonderful books but I can see how they could get a person down! The movie was a pretty good rendition, as I mentioned! Thanks for stopping in and commenting!! :)

    @Callie Nicole: So nice to see you on here! I have been busy and for many reasons, I don't believe the full life is about to let up! But honestly, I wouldn't want it to!! haha I understand house projects.....they seem to be perpetual for us, whether or not we WANT them to!! LOL The wonders of owning an older home, to begin with . . . . have a lovely day! :)