Monday, February 27, 2012

Last Days of February

February 2012 is nearly at a close. Two more full days after today. Then it's done. Oh, where does the time fly?

As for us in our part of the nation, we haven't had much of a winter.  Not even enough to sneeze at.  Seriously.  We had ONE 1-inch dusting of snow, for one day, this month.  That was it.  That was IT people!  I'm so disappointed.  I mean, don't get me wrong, I love moderate temps, sunny days, weather like we've had for the most part since early January!  But I also like a bit of winter.  It just makes spring sweeter, somehow.  Not to mention, today my seasonal allergies are going BONKERS!  Too much pollen, my eyes and nose scream!! TOO much pollen!!!

In my corner of the world, most things are going the usual way.  Nothing too exciting.  There are a few new things that my husband and I are facing with every new day  . . . and prayers are always appreciated.  Some are good, some are so-so, some are not so great.  But whatever I face, I know I am not alone! I have a wonderful, loving husband and I serve and am loved by an AWESOME GOD!

So, this post will be brief. But I would still love to hear from you! It seems my blogger friends haven't visited and left me comments here in some time . . . it is honestly a wee bit lonely here in my little patch of the world wide web!

Have a lovely day!


  1. I know what you mean, I enjoy a little bit of winter too! I hope you're not facing anything too bad. :-/ Praying for whatever it may be!

  2. Hi sweetie!
    Well, I've been gone too!! Busy with school&exams and the house work that's been a mess after those exams :)
    Getting back into a good routine isn't really working so blogging hasn't been the most important thing on my list haha!
    But I DID miss you too!!

  3. It really was a strange winter (if you can call it that). I just wish we could have weather similar to this (sunny, 70 degF) all year long. We can get through anything life throws at us too babe, good and bad, 'cause we got each other and we got God! Love you sweetie!

  4. Yea for everyone who commented! I loved hearing from you all!

    @Callie Nicole: my life is still full of blessings, thank God! I don't have to look too far usually to see at least one thing that is a blessing! :) Thanks for your prayers, though, they are needed and welcomed!

    @Evelien: I know you've been gone! We have such a similar life right now! I'm in the throes of Midterm exams right now and of course, schoolwork is ALWAYS there! As is housework...behind on that, again! :) I missed you too! Thanks for telling me that!

    @Joe: You are right, we can get through good and bad together, we do have each other and we have God holding us together! :) Love you, too!!