Thursday, September 22, 2011

I'm Going to Get My Haircut -- Opinions Please!

Hello Friends!

Hope this little post finds you all well and living life happily and gratefully!  We are enjoying a rainy day here in my neck of the woods, which is fine by me as I rather like such days now and then. :-)

So, I am going to get my hair cut tomorrow!  I haven't had a cut/trim since late January of this year.  No, my hair typically does just fine for 4-7 mo. at a time without a cut.  But it's starting to look a bit "different" as the previously cut layers have grown out and don't quite match up as well any more.  LOL 

Thus, I thought I would ask for opinions on what type of haircut (as well as STYLE) to get . . . .because I am sure you all wouldn't lead me astray!  ha!  I will add that I prefer easy-to-style haircuts, the less time spent on my hair the better and the less time it is under the blowdryer the happier/moister it seems to be. 

Now, I don't have pictures to put up right now on my blog to give you an idea of how I looked in the recent past with longer or shorter hair.  However, my husband has a few photos of me on his blog.  The top photo is the most recent, when I had my hair cut shorter so it just hit top of my shoulders (originally that's how short it was, as it had grown by about 3 inches in this pic) and of course was it's cute, curly natural self.  It had been layered some to appear the way it does in that photo. And the others are when my hair was longer, still naturally curly/wavy of course but about the same length as my hair is now.  My hair doesn't look quite like those photos, however, due to the layers growing out differently -- thus the need for a cut!  The longer it grows, the less curl it sustains, also, though the wave is VERY strong and never subsides.  :-)

You can see the photos on my husband's blog, Portraits and Perceptions.  Once you've taken a gander, can you just comment on this post with your opinions/ideas?  All will be heard of course!  And considered! Length, style, etc. I get my hair cut tomorrow morning by a senior stylist, the one who did a beautiful job for my wedding hair, actually!  Thanks, all!  :-) 


  1. Wow, your hair grows so fast! I'm jealous. :-) I really like it long, but I'm a short-haired girl myself, because I think it's easier! There are definite benefits to both. Your hair looks lovely both ways. :-)

    P.S. I loved reading your husband's post about you - so sweet!

  2. I'm not a good help with hair styles... I'm still regretting having it cut short almost 2 months ago...
    But now I finally know what you look like and I can put a face to the blog! Yeeey!
    You're beautiful :)
    And I would love to have your curly hair!!

    One tip: don't cut your hair too short! That's all I can say from my recent experience ;)

  3. Hop over to my blog, surprise for you :)
    (And show us what you did with the hair!!)

  4. Thank you so much for your comments, Evelien and Callie Nicole! I am sorry to be so late in responding, as I mentioned in an earlier comment, my internet has not allowed me to post responses to my comments. Have no idea why!

    Just an update, I did get my hair cut, it turned out nicely and was actually about the same length as it was in the photo of my on my husband's post where it was short and I was sniffing a flower. :) Actually, the hairdresser cut it a tad longer than that. Curly and cute!

    And thanks so much for the wonderful tips and compliments! You are so sweet!